Alison Flora is a pluri-disciplinal artist living in Toulouse, south of France. From a fine arts course, Alison  draws inspiration from medieval representations, alternative cultures and everything related to esoterism. In her drawings, paintings, videos and installations, she explores the expression of "contemporary hell" (stress, social anxiety, trauma...) calls upon a universe where mysticism, fantasy and madness merge. Influenced by the work of Roland Topor, Genesis P-Orridge, , Boleslaw Biegas, J.R.R Tolkien, she exorcises her fears, her obsessions, through dramatic-humorous universe in a sort of ritualized therapy. Her latest project is a series of drawings, painted with her own blood (harvested using blood test), questioning the simulacrum of violence and resistance and the act of magic.

Alison Flora paints with her own blood, according to a precisely framed protocol that is similar to a real ritual. The paintings made with this substance with a strong symbolic charge reveal a taste for the surreal setting. Some of his most significant works describe eloquent female figures at the heart of Gothic inspired architecture. Reflection of the artist's intimate reflections, these images do not fail to resonate at a time when we are rethinking the place of women through the story.

Blood is inherently ambivalent. It has played and continues to play a fundamental role in all civilisations. Blood defiles and purifies, it is masculine and feminine, pompous or fatal, beneficial or dangerous, and spreading it can be a crime or sacred act. The blood carries within it an instinctive emotional strength. In this, painting with human blood, but especially his own blood brings a feeling of hyper proximity in the very act of painting.


2015 - 2017

ESA Pyrénnées, DNSEP Art (Master's degree)

2012 - 2015

ESA Pyrénnées, DNAP Art (Bachelor's degree)






La Cérémonie, duo exhibition with Floryan Varennes, curated by Thomas Delamarre, MAGCP, France, March 20th - May 29th



MASS, group exhibition curated by Goswell Road, Haus Wien, Austria

Relaunch The Dream Weapon, solo exhibition, curated by Goswell Road at gallery

Sultana summer set Arles, France, Sept 4th - Otc 31th

Iniation party, group show curated by Anna Frost,  Ocean Hotel, Miami, USA


Sorcières et Chamanismes, groupe exhibition curated by AJ Dirtystein, Galerie La Papesse, Toulouse, France.


Flowers of Khaos, group exhibition, 182 avenue C, Manhattann, New York, USA.



Baleapop festival #9, Sabotage, group exhibition, curated by Cécile Canot, Saint-jean de Luz, France.



Drawing Room 017, group exhibition as part of the MAIF Young Talents Award, La Panacée, Montpellier, France.

Awards - Interventions


Laureate residence Sabotage , Tropisme x Baleapop 9, Saint-jean de Luz, France.



 Art café "La musique d'affiche aussi", Intervention in the context of the exhibition Variation sur un même thème at Le Parvis, Art Center, Tarbes, France.